Ahmed Rashid on “Apparatus of Jihad: The State of Play”

March 29, 2015
Press Release

Ahmed Rashid talks about Apparatus of Jihad: The State of Play

Karachi, March 27, 2015: Habib University, a first of its kind Liberal Arts and Sciences university, hosted a talk by Ahmed Rashid on ‘Apparatus of Jihad: The State of Play’ on March 27, 2015. The event was the inaugural event of Habib University’s Dean’s Lecture Series, and took place in the University auditorium.

Habib University Dean’s Lecture Series hosts renowned individuals of their respective fields to represent governance, business and social sectors and share their expert opinions on the critical issues shaping the present day situation of Pakistan. The speaker was Ahmed Rashid, the celebrated journalist and author who has written extensively on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the prevailing NATO policies reshaping the region. Awarded the Nisar Osmani Award in 2001 for courage in journalism has also been referred to as ‘Pakistan’s best and bravest reporter’ by Christopher Hitchens, an English journalist.

Among his best-sellers are Descent into Chaos, Taliban, Jihad -the Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia and The Resurgence of Central Asia that talk about the rise of the Taliban and their burgeoning reach in Afghanistan and beyond. Speaking of this talk, Rashid said, “What this country needs right now is to create thinkers rather than followers so that we can have a strong standing against the extremists. This will only be possible, if, efforts are made at the grassroots level. Initiatives like these help in seeding this thought in our younger generations, who will be deciding the future of this nation, by selecting their direction for or against extremism.”

The very acceptable mind set of the military and political elite towards Jihad some 40 years ago, is now turning against this very notion, which once shaped the country’s foreign policy. Now, when at the verge of destruction at the hands of these individuals, the region is in dire need to change course. The question of having an Islamic State and the accommodation of extremists stays ambiguous. This is what the Dean’s Lecture Series aims at striking a debate, thus leaving audience with food for thought.

Habib University is a unique liberal arts and sciences university offering interdisciplinary education in science, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences. It has been established in Karachi under the patronage of the House of Habib. The University has the support of several leading international institutions and academics that have been instrumental in creating a transformative center of higher learning. Habib University has inducted its first cohort of young scholars and commenced classes on 25th August, 2014. More information is available at www.habib.edu.pk and www.facebook.com/HabibUniversity.

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