Book Launch – “Equinox”

March 24, 2015
Heena Jadav Sunil signing books

Heena Jadav Sunil signing books

Heena Jadav Sunil has launched her revised edition of Equinox on 23rd March 2015 during Y.A.L.E festival held at Alliance Francais. Organized in the library, it was moderately packed as the host introduced Heena and her work.

The book launch was preceded by an author talk by Umair Naeem, who penned the novel Drowning Shadows, and stayed back for Heena's book launch. Heena continued from where Umair's questions had left off and asked the audience why in Pakistan we are so reluctant to explore genres, why publishing houses have no idea of literary agents, why Pakistani authors don't break from the cliched writing and why the only books in demand from Pakistani authors are almost always synonymous with either terrorism or social problems.

Two colleagues, Ayesha and Hiba, read out poems that were contributed to the novel. As a fantasy romance, the novel is much different than the books usually written by local authors and as one of the audience members rightly pointed out, "When our people, including youngsters, are buying books like 50 Shades and Twilight, why not read something from the same genre but of much higher quality?"

Apart from Umair, the session was also attended by Sheba and Rabiya, authors of "The Room in the Mausoleum" and Sheba even joined Heena on the front to talk about the difficult journey of being a published writer.

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