Book Launch – “The Room in the Mausoleum”

March 18, 2015
Book launch Photo Courtesy: Sheba Sultan

Book launch
Photo Courtesy: Sheba Sultan

Sheba Sultan and Rabeya Ali Faridi launched their book "The Room in the Mausoleum" at Karachi Arts Council on 17th March 2015. A collection of 7 short stories, the two authors have shared life experiences from diverse point of views. The launch was attended by around 100 people and an esteemed panel of speakers was lined up for the occasion.

Heena Jadav Sunil, author of Equinox trilogy, was the first speaker to take the podium and talk about how much the stories were written from the heart. Bishop (Rt. Rev.) Sadiq Daniel also commended the young authors and congratulated them for taking such a major step in their lives.

IBA professor Yaseen Ahmed Minai spoke about the importance of writing and telling stories, the power of observation and strength of youth to change nation's future with their words. Haseena Moin shared her experience, much to the amusement of all in attendance, where she had lost the book and had Sheba read her the stories over the phone before coming to attend the launch. Other speakers, most prominent being Sehar Ansari, shared their experiences and stressed the importance of this achievement by the young writers.

The book has been published by Academy Bazyaft. For details about book purchase, contact Sheba Sultan on her Facebook profile or her Twitter handle @ShebaSultan.

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