The Celeritas Files – Review
Action Thriller, Book Launch, Fiction / October 17, 2017

“I think that Leroy is in the process of buying a diamond,” he replied, “and convincing the sellers that it is actually a peanut.” A story of corporate espionage, the crux of the matter could be summed up by this statement alone. A fast paced story with several twists and turns, The Celeritas Files keep you guessing if the good guys will win or would the underdogs triump. Focusing around an extremely capable R&D firm Bliksem, it follows the lives of its management and senior members as they make a breakthrough in the world of batteries. A phenomenal development in technology, the new battery could be charged in under two minutes and the firm is looking to shake hands with the largest French firm manufacturing luxury phones, Leroy. Bliksem is on the verge of bankruptcy and his founder and managing director, Sivakumar, makes the biggest sales pitch of his life. As he continues his battle, his team is facing a demon he has no idea off. The story starts with senior members of Bliksem at a Christmas party. The leader and single mother Shaina, the reserved Amaan, the intense Nandini and the lively Ravi who swings the other way. Accompanying…

The Spinner’s Tale – Review
Action Thriller, Fiction / July 2, 2015

This review first appeared at Liberty Books. Synopsis Sheikh Ahmed Uzair Sufi is one of the most feared men in Pakistan, a top Jihadi militant, who believes in nothing save his own limitless scope for violence. But no one suspected this future back in 1994, when he was simple old Ausi and leaves school with his cricket mad best friend Eddy to start a new life. While Eddy goes to college in America, Ausi’s life takes dangerous and unexpected turns. The two friends stay in touch even as they pursue vastly different lives, their shared passion for cricket and nostalgia for their school days binding them together. Even as Ausi treads down a darker path, what will happen to their friendship? Omar Shahid Hamid, bestselling author of The Prisoner, takes us on another thrilling, sinister ride, stretching from Karachi to Kashmir to Afghanistan, in The Spinner’s Tale. There are accounts, treatise and memoirs that deal with reality, going deep into the psyche and culture of the people supplemented with facts and figures to prove a point. Then comes a fiction, essentially doing the same but hitting where it matters the most … the reader’s’ heart. The Spinner’s Tale, the second…

Agency Rules – Review
Action Thriller, Indie / February 6, 2015

Published in 2014, Agency Rules – Never An Easy Day At The Office by Khalid Muhammad is the first espionage novel in English language from Pakistan. Based on the 90s era of Pakistan, the story takes us across the country where the readers experience urban warfare of Karachi, the diplomatic battles in Islamabad and military operations on the north-western border. Synopsis Celebrated as a ragtag force that defeated and broke the Soviet Union, no one predicted the Mujahideen would bring with them a plague that would spread like wildfire through Pakistan in the years to follow. When the battle-worn fighters returned with no enemy or war to fight, they turned their sights on the country that had been their creator and benefactor. From the same battlegrounds that birthed the Mujahideen, a young Kamal Khan emerges as a different breed of warrior. Discarding his wealthy family comforts, Kamal becomes a precision sniper, an invincible commando and a clandestine operative bringing intimidation, dominance and death with him to the battlefield. Ending the plague is his prime directive. Shrouded in political expediency, hampered by internal power struggles, international espionage and doublespeak that makes Washington’s spin doctors proud, Kamal’s mission is a nightmare of…

Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Pakistan – Review
Action Thriller, Fiction / January 27, 2015

First published in 2003, Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Pakistan by P.W. Storm is a confusing jumble with whiny marines, witty one-liners, lack of authentic ground realities and too much stereotyping. The story, when ignored of obvious bias, is easy to read and follow. While the reader is able to see and feel through the characters, the lack of authenticity at several places makes it hard to appreciate good writing. Since it came out so soon after 9/11, the story has strong bias against both Pushtoon fighters from Afghanistan & Pakistan as well as Pakistan’s military. Synopsis Force 5 Recon: Deployment: Pakistan The hunt is on for the world’s most feared terrorist, hidden somewhere in the labyrinthine mountains of northern Pakistan, after his “sleepers” unleash a nightmare of fire and death across the length of the U.S. But the cold-blooded mass murderer Mohammed al-Zumar holds a wild card: a hostage American television news crew. An elite team of Special Operatives led by Sergeant Mac Rainey is already in al-Zumar’s backyard. Stranded in a Pakistani no-man’s-land with their cover blown and their extraction copter shot out of the sky, Force 5 Recon sets off to find and free the captives on their…