The Top 5 Pakistani Novels That You Must Have in Your Library

September 12, 2015
Over the years, many great Pakistani authors have written mesmerizing books which have captured the imaginations of Pakistanis all over the world. There have been a lot of classic Urdu books. Urdu, being the official language of Pakistan, is the preferred language of many authors to take their point across the masses. But in recent times, a lot of great English books have also popped up which have gone on to become absolute classics. Most of these books are originally in English while some have been translated from the local languages to English to reach out to a wider audience worldwide.

When it comes to choosing the best books to have in your library, no one can do justice to the list. To choose out of several great books is an injustice in itself. Nevertheless, following are The Top 5 Pakistani Novels That You Must Have in Your Library:

5. The Misunderstood Ally

Misunderstood ally

The book Misunderstood Ally is written by Faraz Inam. Most Pakistanis would recognize him as the man who played lead role in Pakistan’s super hit drama “Alpha Bravo Charlie”. Faraz’s book revolves around the war on terror which has plagued Pakistan’s economy for a decade. Set in 2010-11, the book tells the story of Pakistani soldiers who have to come through personal and work challenges to counter terrorism as well as face the pressure from CIA. The book has been a success and has been praised for its tone and narrative, as well as maintaining neutrality throughout. Definitely a must have book!

4. Between Clay and Dust

Between clay and dust

Between Clay and Dust is a book written by Musharraf Ali Farooqi which was published in 2012. The book is set around the time of partition of the subcontinent and tells the tale of a former famous wrestler, and a former courtesan, both of whom have reached a state of obscurity. This is a must have book for all those looking to explore their roots and be inspired from some amazing people in the country’s history.

3. A Case of Exploding Mangoes

Case of Exploding Mangoes

One of the most original pieces of literature in recent history, Exploding Mangoes is a dark satirical take on the crash of Gen Zia’s plane in 1988. The book is written by Mohammed Hanif and has been praised for its dark humor and writing style. The story is narrated through the eyes of a fictional character, Ali Shigri. This is one book every literature lover should read because of its unorthodox writing style.

2. The Spinner’s Tale

The Spinner's Tale - front cover

Spinner’s Tale is a book written by Omar Shahid Hamid. It tells the tale of two friends, one who has gone to the dark path while the other in the opposite direction. The book takes us through the diverse landscapes of Karachi, Kashmir and Afghanistan and explores the friendship of the two, now very different, friends. In a polarized society like Pakistan, this is one book every Pakistani must read.

1. Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Mohammed Hanif has his second book on the list after Exploding Mangoes. Our Lady of Alice Bhatti is a great tale with a writing style which has made Hanif famous. It tells the tale of a Christian nurse working in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi, and how one can find love in unlikely places. The book is a modern take on the many plights faced by minorities in the country and is one book you must definitely have in your library.

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