In Conversation with Author Laurent Gayer

February 27, 2015
Laurent Gayer, the author of the book Karachi: Ordered Disorder and the Struggle for the City, will be in conversation with Sabin Agha at The Second Floor (T2F) on 2nd of March, 2015. The event is being held in collaboration with Desi Writers Lounge.

Some details about the event:

Desi Writers' Lounge and T2f cordially invite you to an evening with Laurent Gayer, author of Karachi: Ordered Disorder and the Struggle for the City.

Laurent Gayer will be in conversation with Sabin Agha about urban violence in South Asia, how it affects the life of multiethnic communities in metro cities and how the new wave of terrorism is changing the nature and scope of urban violence.

Laurent Gayer is a research fellow at the Centre national de la recherché scientifique (CNRS), currently posted to the Centre d'etudes et de recherché internationals (CERI- Sciences Po), Paris. His major publications include Armed Militias of South Asia:Fundamentalists, Maoists and Separatists, and Muslims in Indian Cities: Trajectories of Marginalisation.

Sabin Agha is a journalist, documentary film producer and a media trainer. She has been a broadcast journalist for the past 14 years, covering the beats of politics and crime. As a freelance documentary film producer, Agha has worked on documentaries like "Defenders of Karachi" focusing upon urban violence in Karachi and the resilience of its citizens for Channel 4, "Ross Kemp Extreme World: Karachi", which focused upon gang land violence" for SKY, and most recently "Every Last Child", directed by award winning film director Tom Roberts, about disease of polio. She has been associated with many mainstream news channels as well as BBC, as a correspondent/ producer.

Laurent Gayer was also part of 2013 edition of Karachi Literature Festival and he participated in a session called Dynamics of Karachi. He had explained that the nature of violence in Karachi has not been properly addressed and it has now become an enigma. According to him there’s an ordered disorder in Karachi. The violence is not between enemies but actually between intimate friends/coalition partners who fight one day and few days later are back to the old self. (Source)

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