Omar Shahid’s Second Book Releasing Soon

June 4, 2015
The Spinner's Tale

The Spinner's Tale

by: Omar Shahid Hamid

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As promised during Karachi Literature Festival 2014, Omar Shahid Hamid is releasing his new book "The Spinner's Tale" on 19th June 2015. Different from "The Prisoner", the successful take on Karachi's violent politics and terrorism, "The Spinner's Tale" deals with the same problems of violence and terrorism.

Omar did not confirm if it was continuation of The Prisoner, with same characters, but he did say it dealt with the same challenges that were explored in the first novel.

The Spinner's Tale

  About The Author:

Omar Shahid Hamid has been part of Pakistan's Police Force for over a decade and had been a close friend of the slain police officer Chaudhry Aslam. His father, Shahid Hamid, was director of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (now K-Electric) when he was shot dead while leaving from home. The killers were apprehended, court trial ran its course right up to Supreme Court and after more than decade one of the main accused, Saulat Mirza, was hanged in 2015 after the suspension of capital punishment in the wake of Peshawar Massacre. Omar wrote his first novel, "The Prisoner", while on sabbatical leaves to UK and it received massive success. Omar is now releasing his second novel, The Spinner's Tale, on 19th June 2015.
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