Soft launch of Pakistan’s first Citizen Journalism Platform

October 8, 2015
Press Release

Since a couple of years, we have been hearing about change and how change has eventually hit the alienated planet Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan seems like an alienated planet to which things get time to reach particularly if they are coming all the way from the civilized earth. This may make little sense, but a website is gradually spreading right to free speech awareness to the masses through the country’s first and only Citizen Journalism website that exists in Pakistan as of today.

PotDrum has its own unique fan base that is interested to know about stories that go missing from the mainstream media, commonly known as electronic and print media. The website houses a list of contributors that report on fronts that may be taboo or lack interest of big pocketed media houses. In the digital age, a lot of news is scattered on the Internet, blog and social media. At PotDrum contributors and public at large are free to send in their stories. The aim of the website is to collect verify and publish news story. PotDrum does not at any instance report any news story. It may publish opinion articles and research material but with news reporting it has managed to crowd-source news and information directly from the citizens and puts it up for the world to read. These news stories range from general nationwide news to culture to special report on corruption, mismanagement and the good that is blooming Pakistan.

Some of the best news story to come out from citizens are Malala Yousufzai (a conspiracy within a conspiracy), Karachi: A centre to Pakistan’s economy and How I overcame the odds and made my dreams come true a story of emerging actor Bilal Yousufzai. These stories have made the platform popular with daily views exceeding 1,000 each day in a span of just over three weeks. News can be sent to PotDrum through its website, e-mail, call, SMS or through mobile messaging applications.

It is definitely an interesting concept and a very viable one for a developing country such as Pakistan. Although the Pakistani constitution gives the right to freedom of speech, expression and right to free media but, unfortunately, all is lost in the midst of power and authority possessed by a few political leaders of the country. PotDrum is a dedicated platform for the voiceless, a platform curbing the bad and encouraging the good in the society. Tags: , , ,

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