Pakistan Just Got Its Own Version of Kindle
General Musings, READUP / January 4, 2018

Most of the world had switched to digital books nearly a decade ago. Pakistan, on the other hand, stayed with traditional books and stuck with a publishing industry which is a collection of glorified printing houses. Expensive imported books, way too easy piracy, high reliance on textbooks and little to no support for local authors, there was barely any avenue for new writers to showcase their work or for publications to make the books digitally available. With ReadUp, it is about to change. ReadUp is a digital publishing platform and an ebook marketplace, founder by Digital Saeen (Wasio Abbasi), Jamaluddin, M. Waqas Pervaiz and Muhammad Usman. Its purpose is to make available digital books to local readers at cost effective price, give more reach to the authors and promote literature in both urban and rural areas. ProPakistani just covered the startup today.