Fire Boy – Review
Fantasy, Fiction, High Fantasy / June 5, 2016

There are times when you come across a work of fiction that is authentic to the core and a breath of fresh air. Sami Shah’s ‘Fire Boy’ is one such work which is not only a pleasant surprise but also grounded to the folklore of subcontinent. The novel belongs to High Fantasy category where it explores the life of a young man named Wahid who doesn’t know he is half Djinn. There have been works of fiction that tried to tackle the fabled Djinns of the Islamic belief system. Even Hollywood tried its hand with the movie ‘Jin’ with impressive graphics, but it failed to gain mainstream approval. Sami Shah dealt with various folklore elements, famous in this part of the world, expertly to really feel the moments of panic, wonder and even lust. Wahid, a person who is made of both clay and fire, is in search of Djinns when a powerful Djinn vanishes, taking away the soul of his love, Maheen. The story explores Karachi’s underbelly when Wahid is suggested he may find his answer from the King of Karachi. He also gets to see the inside life of Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Mazaar and spends time at the…

YOHSIN – Habib University’s Motto for Modern Education
Speaker Session / February 22, 2015

Habib University organized an institutional tour on Wednesday, 18th February 2015. Located near airport, the institution is placed at central point connecting Malir, Gulistan-E-Johar and Pehalwan Goth, making it accessible to large number of people since these areas are heavily populated. The tour got delayed since most of the media arrived late due to political situation in the city and once the people were here, we were joined by Habib University staff members Mr. Sibtain and Dean of Engineering Dr. Shoaib Zaidi. Sibtain started with the presentation regarding Pakistan’s standing in the global community in terms of human index and education. As expected, the picture wasn’t good but this time there was a different angle to view it from. We are often told that overall education is poor because we don’t have good education at school level. Sibtain and Dr. Shoaib argued that it’s not just the school but also universities that are not up to the par. To prove, we were shown rating of Human Development Index where Pakistan ranked 146 out of 186 countries and our spending on social sector was even lower than some of the poorest African countries. Dr. Shoaib gave a historical evidence as well where,…