Talk about Basila and the Street Crew – Press Release
Book Launch, Speaker Session / September 17, 2017

Girl Belonging to a Racial Minority Fights Social Ills through Civic Participation in this Comic Book Series Karachi, September 17: Basila, a young girl from the Makrani community of Sindh is an active citizen. From child labor to animal abuse, she is troubled by all social ills of the community. That’s where she rises to the challenge and takes to teach homeless aspiring artists to pursue their passion through painting visual messages of love, peace and interfaith harmony on public walls and open spaces. Streets of Karachi are her classrooms and the city walls are her canvas. Basila and the Street Crew is one of Azcorp Entertainment’s breakthrough comic books. While it focuses on various societal issues, it draws attention to a very important theme of social inclusion by introducing a transgender character. Riffat Apa, the aunt of the protagonist, is the leading character. She also shares the same passion for the country and her surroundings like Basila. With various incidents of transphobia reported every day in Pakistan, the need to normalize their existence is ever crucial. “More than anything, the transgender community of Pakistan wants acceptance”, said Anain Shaikh, the co-creator and illustrator of Basila and the Street Crew….