TRA Meetup May 2015

June 2, 2015
The Readers' Avenue met on 31st May 2015 at Dolmen City Mall food court. This meetup was long due as the April meetup was canceled because of certain reasons. New faces were seen this time as a few members, who only participated at the Facebook group, attended the session and shared their thoughts and ideas.

Starting around 12 instead of 11:30 am as planned (coffee and donuts from Munir since it was his birthday), the new members introduced themselves and their reading preferences. Rather than choosing a book for this session, members were instructed to bring books they were reading and recommend some works for the club to read for next meetup.

Sahar Shahid was the first to introduce (it was her first session) and her recommendations included "The Holy Woman" and "The Pearl That Broke Its Shell". Her description for both the books was animated and it they sounded fascinating to reads Similarly, Aimen (another new member) shared her recommendation "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories", a story collection from one of the writers of the hit comedy sitcom The Office. Irfan Burney shared two recommendations, Brom Stoker's Dracula and Osman Samiuddin's "The Unquite Ones".

Fahad Zaki shared a rather unusual book called "The Japanese Mind", a book dedicated to Japanese as a people, their culture and lifestyle. It was a different suggestion since mostly people read Japanese management styles more than their lifestyle. Jamal shared his fascination with Laurent Gayer's "Karachi: Ordered Disorder and The Struggle For The City" and how that book aptly describes the metropolis. Sufia talked about a book called "From Dongri To Dubai", a tale about Mumbai's underground mafia and the rise of Dawood Ibrahim.

Wasio shared a few books, prominent of them being a short story collection "The Swan's Wife" and another recently launched book "Undying Affinity". Kiran has been besotted with historical fiction and she suggested Philippa Gregory's "The Wise Woman" and another two favorites of hers called "Women Who Run With Wolves" and "Possession". Sanaa suggested a collection of psychological cases called "Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy", details of which were intriguing to the non-Psychology members of the group.

The list has been shared on the group and next meetup's reading would be shortlisted from there.

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