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February 3, 2015


Digital Saeen is an information portal for the book lovers. The literary landscape is diverse, a whole world onto itself with voices so unique they often redefine the genre itself. South Asia in particular is a gold mine for such voices who, even if they are not published authors, have a huge appetite for books and a flare for writing.

Digital Saeen is seeking volunteers to write for us and share their voice. Your words will be read by curious as well as seasoned literary souls and your name will be visible on the website. You may have a particular genre, you might be a casual reviewer or certified grammar-nazi, as long as your words are authentic your work will be published.

What we looking for?

  • Readers who devour books and can write a high quality review. Help will be provided to improve the review and bring it up to standard.
  • Critics who can write and take the review beyond words, linking the concepts with relevant fields of study such as sociology, geopolitics, psychology etc.
  • We welcome fiction, poetry and non-fiction titles
  • Those who wish to cover literary events (book launch, book club meeting, author meetup etc) are as valuable as the reviewers.
  • Coverage is not limited to English titles. Books launched in regional languages (Urdu, Sindhi etc) will receive equal treatment.

If you are such a person, fill in the form below:


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